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Gregg Cantor - Owner

Welcome to Lamps N Lights. We are a small lighting store located in Naples, Florida.

We have a large inventory of lampshades. In stock are all the common shapes and sizes. We carry silk and linen lampshades. Some of our shades are textured, like real silks and loomed linens. Other shades in stock are smooth, without texture. In stock are the most saleable colors, for example:

  • stark white (snow white), off white, eggshell (the color of a manila folder), beige, black and antique gold. Most colored lampshades have to be ordered.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • We are lamp repair and creation crafts people. Commonly we work on 3-way table and floor lamps, chandeliers of all kinds, halogen floor and table lamps, and European lamps and fixtures. We do not work on fluorescent lamps.
  • We can create a lamp out of many decorative objects. Commonly we make vases or jugs into lamps, but we can make other things into lamps like statues, wall paper rollers, fire extinguishers, teapots, and trumpets.
  • Lamps N Lights is a stocking dealer for Holtkoetter Lighting. Holtkoetter lamps are designed in Germany and assembled in South St. Paul, Minnesota. We have a great relationship with the factory. Lamps N Lights repairs Holtkoetter lamps, as well as most halogen lamps made in Europe.
  • We sell picture lights
  • We sell finials
  • We sell silk and linen chain covers for chandeliers and table lamps.
  • Lamps N Lights sells pre-owned chandeliers on consignment.
  • We have many restored items, including table lamps, floor lamps, and chandeliers.
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Holtkotter Spelling Variations?
There are many different spelling variations for holtkötter lamps. This is mainly due to the fact that the manufacturer name is foreign and sounds different to people in the U.S.A
- holtkoetter
- holtkotter
- holkotter
- holtkötter

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